Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We made it to Taipei, Taiwan!!! The city is really, really different from Chiayi City. There's more building and a lot more traffic and people. On the way here on the bus, I saw the big gold Buddha again and took better pictures of it. And another cool thing I saw is (supposedly) the tallest building in the world. It was so tall but far from distant, it didn't seem all that tall or big until we eventually got closer into the city. I took several pictures of it, when I find the time I will post one of the best pictures I got. 

We checked in the 2nd hotel, Miramar Garden Taipei. One of the very best hotel in Taipei and Taiwan. Very nice hotel. Got slightly softer beds than the last one. Heard they have American food!!!

An hour or two after we checked in, we all had to go over to the city hall to get our badge. The badge is for identification, a pass, ticket, and such. Took a very looong time to get it, there were a lots of other athletics from around the world getting their badge. I met one of the Russia girls soccer player. It was pretty hard communicating with her because her sign language is in Russia. But we somehow managed to communicate. I thought it was pretty cool. There was bunch of big signs everywhere in the city hall saying "Welcome to Taipei," 'Deaflympics," or "Power in Me." I thought it was pretty interesting getting that amazing experience of beginning of the before the start of the Deaflympics.

We didn't get to eat lunch today, just a snack so we were very starved when we finally got back to the hotel from the city hall. We finally got to taste American food again!!! I miss chicken popcorn, potatoes fries, and spaghetti!! They had some beef, salad bar, and a desert bar! But of course we will stay away from the desert bar to focus on the GOLD, not sugar =).

After dinner, I decided to go to the gym and run for couple minutes since we haven't had practice yesterday and today. I wanted to work out so I wouldn't get rusty for the next practice or game. It's 100% soccer for me here, we probably won't get a chance to sightsee or visit someplace special while we are here. My idea of sightseeing is whenever I'm outside or on the bus headed to somewhere. I'll always have a camera on me if there's something worth a photo =). 

It's getting late here and you are probably eating lunch. Till the next blog!


  1. Hello hello from across the world! Jessie, I think about you all day, so I'm delighted you have a blog. I'm amazed how quickly you've adapted with jet lag, heat, culture and all. What a blast, life changing in so many ways. We're so proud of you and look forward to your updates.
    Go USA!!!

    With love and admiration, Sue Anderson

  2. Hey, Jessie! So fun to read your updates! You really are taking it all in and experiencing this to the fullest! Enjoy every moment. Looking forward to hearing how the games go. Your mom's so excited! And so is everyone back here! GO TEAM GO! Kate