Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This morning was full of confusion and drama. First I finally got to see a doctor about my throat, I wanted to see if there was anything I could do to prevent it getting worse. Just drink plenty of liquids and he gave some cough drops, that really helped, thanks doc!!! We went to the game between Russia and Great Britain. On the bus on the way there, we had a meeting with the team and coaches. Apparently, few of the girls "abused" the freedom we had been given the last two days. I wasn't happy to hear that. So the coaches were disappointed and upset, I would be if I was the coach so I can't blame them. Since we are a team, just couple individuals, there were some consequences. We won't be having as much freedom as much we used to and had two practices today.

We watched the game and paid attention to the players that we need to watch out for from whichever team we will be playing on Friday at 9:30 AM (Thursday September 10 at 9:30 PM). I was paying a lot of attention on how some players took their shots at the goal or the way they showed aggression to the goalkeeper. Wanted to be ready for some tough one-on-one if there's any!!! I made some notes and talked to the coaches about what I felt we should think about trying something different to dominate either teams. The coaches told me they will analyze the game and team tonight and hopefully we will be able to work on it tomorrow morning practice. Russia beat Great Britain 6-2 so we will be playing Great Britain on Friday and Russia on Monday. I say we play Russia on Monday because I believe we will beat Great Britain and advance to the FINAL!!! 

Our first practice was in the gym at the hotel, 8 players on a cardio machines and other 8 on abs workouts. I felt pretty good after running for 25 minutes and series of abs workouts. Then we had an hour and half break before the 2nd practice. The 2nd practice, we didn't have a practice field to practice on since our schedule practice was yesterday and we were supposed to have game today so I was kinda disappointed about that, I wanted to practice yesterday but can't have everything, can I? So we walked to the nearby park, it wasn't a great park but it had a very small soccer field with no goal and hard ground. I knew I wasn't going to be able to work on my goalkeeping. We mostly worked on our footwork and protecting the ball. I gave it all I got even thought I wasn't that much of a field player but nobody can say I didn't try my best =).

After practices and dinner, we had a quick meeting with the coaches. The coaches wanted to remind us to stay focused and not be influenced by any outside negative vibe (family or close friends who heard about drama and complain about it). I thought the coaches were right. Before the games started, we were on a roll and very focused and didn't see them at all. When the games started, family and friends came to support us and we were able to see them and talk to them anytime we aren't playing soccer. I know I need to limit my time with my family because I really, really want to focus and get that GOLD medal. 

Tomorrow morning, we got an early practice at 8 then go support our boys as they will take on Russia in their first ever Quarter-final game in the Deaflympics history for USA!!! Go USA!!!!

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  1. Jessie, your focus is so impressive. Good for you! Keep it up! Sounds like you're a leader out there. Keep positive, keep your mind on the game and on the big picture. Kate