Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ever since we arrived Taipei, there have been so many confusion and misunderstanding about soccer practices schedule for girls and boys. We were supposed to have scheduled practice for both girls and boys but whoever was in charge only scheduled the boys, not girls. So we didn't have practice in the morning but we decided to workout in the small gym the hotel had. They had 8 cardio machines. So half of the team were on the cardio machines and other half were stretching, doing abs workouts, and legs workouts. I thought it was a pretty workout since everybody worked out hard. I know I did, I ran for about 3.5 miles in less than 30 minutes on the treadmill. I can't remember the last time I ran that far or fast! I was pretty impressed with myself.

After a quick lunch, the coaches figured since the boys have a whole field at a scheduled time, the boys will have one half of the field and the girls would take the other. I thought it worked out great. I had a goalkeeper session with the boys, pretty intense workout. The field was very beautiful, they had three soccer field for training for other countries and there was a river right beside the park and buildings from the city behind the river. On the other side, there's mountains or big hills, I can't tell which but it's amazing. 

At the end of practice, the girls and boys had a scrimmage against each other. Personally, the scrimmage was awful. Just crappy. I don't know what happened from the last time we practiced. Maybe it was because we didn't practice on a field in the last 2 days. Maybe we were getting lazy. Maybe we were losing our hearts and passions in this. The meeting we had just couple minutes ago answered the questions. 

We had a team meeting to dig deeper and find out what happened in the scrimmage today. There were several reasons.  Not everybody's hearts or passions were in it, got lazy or immature, and not good team bonding. But after the meeting, we all decided to get focus on soccer 100% and become more mature and get along with everyone within 36 hours, before our first game against Germany. 

I truly believe in this team, we just need to work on our team bonding and focus. If I didn't believe in this team or wanted to win the GOLD, I wouldn't be here in the first place. I'm ready, I was born ready for this.

Nothing special really happened today, just 100% soccer. After dinner

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