Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today was a really weird and hard day for me because I woke up with a even worse cold. I didn't even get to sleep much. My entire head was hurting and stuffed up. Few of the girls told me to wake up because I looked like I was tired as heck. I couldn't really open my eyes because I was really stuffed up. I would've gotten some cold medicine but we are in Taiwan so I had to deal with it and drink plenty of liquid. 

We had an early practice at 8:00 this morning before the boys' game against Russia. Practice was pretty good, I noticed everyone was focused and working very hard. I finally got the chance to practice, YAY!!! I told myself that whenever I play soccer, I just turn off my sickness and turn on my game face. Because I'm not planning to let my team down just cause I'm sick. It's the damn GOLD medal that's on the line here!!!

We went to the boys' game, it was already 20 minutes into and they were down by 0-2. I was a little surprised so were the rest of the girls. We tried to support them by pumping them up and cheer them on like we have been doing the last 2 games for them. It was not their day. They had lost 0-5 to Russia. They will still have 1 or two more games to fight for 5th place. Hopefully they will work hard to get there.

After we got back to the hotel from the game, I was feeling even worse and we were supposed to go to lunch as a team. I talked to one of the captains on the team and asked if it was ok that I stayed in and sleep to get better for the second practice. She understood so I went to my room and sleep for 2 hours. I wasn't feeling any better, just even more tired. But I would suck it up and go to 2nd practice in the gym. I ran for 25 minutes on the treadmill and did some abs workouts like we did yesterday. Finally we were done for the day, I cleaned up myself and went to take another nap for 3 hours. I felt a little bit better at dinner but couldn't eat as much as I used to. 

After dinner, we had a team meeting with the coaches about the big game tomorrow morning against Great Britain. The coaches made some changes in offenses and defenses. It seems like it is a lot but I have faith in my teammates and that we will win if we just work hard for 90 minutes of the game. Coaches said that everybody should breathing hard during the game and after the game. He also said I might be able to get away with that but should have some mud on my sleeve. I told him that he got it. I'm going to give it my best, 150%, not 100% just cause I'm a little sick. Please, I want the GOLD, not Silver, not Bronze. The nice shiny GOLD medal. Go USA!!!

Game is September 11 at 9:30 AM meaning SEPTEMBER 10 AT 9:30 PM IN OHIO. 
I have no idea what link is working, you can try all three. I think, I think there will be a live blog of the game at Sorry, I don't have any more information about it.

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  1. Love your attitude, Jessie!! Beat the heck out of Britain!!! Yay! I wish I could be there to watch!!!