Sunday, September 6, 2009

This morning, we had an early practice. It was really hot, like the hottest we have ever felt from the sun so the coaches decided to make it an easy fun practice. We just mostly worked on our footwork and kicking the ball in series of small games between 2 groups with one coach in each. I thought everyone was very focused in practice today. The only thing I wasn't too happy about is that I didn't get the chance to practice on my goalkeeper dives or blocks. I guess either we ran out of time or the coaches felt that I didn't need it and that the warm-up before the game tomorrow should be enough. It doesn't matter to me because I know I will do my best in the game. 

After practice, we went to support our boys at their game against Japan. We were probably the loudest cheerleader ever in the stands even though the boys probably didn't hear us, haha. But it was fun cheering for them. It was a very intense game. In the first half, there was a foul inside the box and Japan get a penalty kick. It was so quiet waiting for the Japan player to get going and kick the ball into the goal past our goalkeeper. He kicked the ball to the left and it was blocked!!! It was so incredible to see our goalkeeper block that shot so quickly!! But there was another foul taken during the penalty kick. The ref said our goalie came forward off the line too early. It was a bad call but nothing we could do to change that. Japan get a redo. SAME THING HAPPENED!!! We all went so wild!!! After our goalie punted the ball to the other side of the field, he was pointing at the stand and pumping us up!!! WHOOO!!! That was so awesome to see in the game!!!

In the middle of the game, one of our players from the boys team has gotten injured. I didn't quite catch what happened but from what other people explained to me, he and a Japan player went for the ball in the air and the Japan ball just elbowed him right in his back. He fell down and couldn't get back up. It didn't look good. But we are all hoping he is not seriously injured and will get well soon. I'll get you updated about him if I hear any more.

The game was tied 0-0. The boys were a little down about that after the game, they really wanted to beat Japan badly. I knew that because before we got on the bus to get head to the game field, they were getting pumped and bumping chests. They had a totally different and better attitude from the last game. They played their hearts out today. 

Now we just had a meeting with the coaches and team about the game against Denmark tomorrow morning (September 6 at 9:30 PM in Eastern time). The coaches just simply told us to stay positive, play our hearts out and that they are very proud of us. That just made me all pumped up. I want to keep them proud the rest of the time in Taipei. 

I understand there were some problems with watching the game online. I found out that they just fixed it and there's another link. So you can either try

You have three choices and hopefully one of them works!!! Let me know if there's any more problem, thanks. GOOOO USA!!!


  1. Hi Jessie,
    Congratulations on your incredible win against Germany, a shut out none the less!!! It had to be so exciting, wish I was there. Your coach must love your enthusiasm and work ethic.
    Best of luck against Denmark!
    Love, Sue

  2. Hi Jessie.
    Just caught up on your wonderful adventures. Sounds like an incredible time. I hope that as I write, you and your teammates are handling Denmark exactly as you handled Germany! All the best and thanks for blogging--it's a wonderful way to keep your fans around the world up-to-date.
    Love, Martha Corcoran

  3. Hi, Jessie,
    So you beat Denmark, too! Congratulations on your first two wins of the Deaflympics! Keep up the great work and spirit. You're making wonderful memories for yourself for the coming years. Kate