Saturday, September 5, 2009

So the result is USA killed Germany 4-0, got my shut-out!!! It was a great game. I'm so proud of my team and believe we got the best defense team. I wouldn't have gotten my shut-out if it wasn't for any of them. The offense did awesome job pushing up and passing the ball around and scoring. 

When we got off the bus and walked to our seating, there were series of people who works for the Deaflympics smiling and signing applause in ASL where you put your hands up in the air and shake your hands. It was a pretty cool thing and a great way to pump us up. We were all very pumped up and getting excited, even our assistant coach was so pumped up, she wanted to play on the field with us.

During warm-up, I was working with the assistant coach and I wasn't really doing very well. I was getting pretty nervous and stressed. But that was all gone after we huddled and chanted USA then ran out on the field to our position. I was sooo pumped and determined so were all other girls. I did better than anyone thought and got more aggressive. The team was so proud of me, even the coach since at halftime he gave me a hug. I'm pretty happy with myself and look forward to the next game against Denmark. It will be a even harder game than with Germany.

My parents and little brother came this morning before the game!!! It was so good seeing them again and it was a good luck charm for me before the game! I love them so much and missing my older brother!!! After the game, we decided to get lunch then went to the Deaflympics store which had all kinds of stuff with the logos on it, such as glasses, shirts, bags, key chains, and stuff animals! I couldn't figure out whether I should get something for friends or family but I'll will find something better in the next ten days I'm here before I go home to the States.

So I just had the longest night ever. It started at around 5:30 when the entire USA team went to the Deaflympics Stadium for the Opening Ceremony. We watched the show on the big screen television in a smaller stadium with all other countries. It was really exciting seeing all countries here waiting for the time to walk around and wave our flag proudly. The show was very beautiful. Best art I have ever seen in such a long time. Finally after 3 hours of waiting, it was time to walk and wave the country flag. Since it was alphabetically, we were second to the last. When we were finally up, we were late! Haha, that was so funny. The back line of the USA including the soccer team and me were running to get there on time!! We barely made it! When we reached the tunnel, there were bright lights everywhere and I couldn't believe it. I'm representing my country USA in Deaflympics for the soccer team and I'm truly honored for that. 

After a couple speeches, the torchbearers came out running and lit the big torch just like the regular Olympics! Once the torch was lit, there was firework show going on. I was getting emotional because it was just so awesome. I was hugging everybody, my teammates, new friends, and my coaches. This night really lit the fire inside me to make my country, family, friends, and everybody proud. I'm going to get that GOLD medal, I can taste it =). 

Ok it's really late now, I'm going to get some sleep for an early practice tomorrow and after practice we will be supporting our boys against Japan at 2:30 PM! Go USA!!!!


  1. wow! amazing start. the games go up live at right? I couldn't get the feed to work, but maybe it's because of my browser.

  2. So cool, Jessie! Congrats on that win against Germany!!! GO USA!!

  3. Can't wait to hear how you did against Denmark!!