Sunday, September 13, 2009

Today, this morning we had an early practice. Boys' practice was cancelled so some of the guys wanted to come with us to help us get ready for the game. It was very helpful for me. In practice I was mostly working with the boy goalkeeper and other two guys shooting the balls at us. It was very useful to me because they had stronger legs than girls would in soccer game so if I could stop their shots, then I can stop anybody's!!! =)

After practice, the captain wanted to have a quick meeting with the team before lunch. She was a little nervous about the game and worried that most of the girls weren't focused and are thinking that the final game will be an easy game since we killed Germany 4-0. But they can take it from us if we play like crap like the game against Great Britain. I felt the same way our captain did. She challenged us to prove her that we really want to win this GOLD medal and how much we care about this game. So I think everybody will be more calm and focused on the game tomorrow. 

When the meeting was over, half of the team decided to go to the men's semi-final basketball game and other half went to the final volleyball game. I didn't really want to go out so I was the only staying at the hotel relaxing till it was time to go to the track meet to support our girl. Our girl did great job but unfortunately few other teams were too fast. But we will win the GOLD medal with her tomorrow night!!!

I cannot wait for tomorrow night. It's going to be a very long restless day but I will do my best to try and relax and maybe get a nap in the afternoon before game. We will be going to the boys' game in the morning where they will be playing for 7th place, I believe. Then after that, we probably will have a meeting with the coaches to go over everything and rest for the rest of the day. 

Again, the final game is at 7:00 PM in Taiwan time on Monday so that mean it will be 7:00 AM on Monday in Eastern time. This is the correct link, 

no dot com or anything like that. Just the way I typed it, you can just copy and paste it if that's the best way. Tomorrow, I think I might write a new blog a few hours before the game. It won't be much but I might have something to say =)!!!


  1. All best wishes, Jessie. We're rooting for you over here! GO USA!

  2. Wishing you the best of luck against Germany.
    We will be following the game on
    Can't wait. Have a blast!

    Much Love and Success Jessie! Go USA!