Saturday, September 12, 2009

Today, we had a day off (not what I was expecting after yesterday's game). But I guess it was needed for those who need to heal from the game, we have two girls that can barely walk without pain. But I know they are taking it easy and doing everything they can do to help it heal faster. I woke up earlier than most of the girls since three other girls and I wanted to do laundry before we go support one of our girls in track. We walked over to the big laundry place, there weren't very many people there. So the three girls and I got to know each other more and talked about what we want to do in our future. 

After laundry, we had to take a cab back to the hotel since we were running late and had to meet with the rest of the team to go support our track girl. We made it on time, luckily. But two other track teams had dropped out and there was only 8 other teams. All of them made it  to the finals without a race. So there was no race today, the finals race is tomorrow in the afternoon. Not sure if we would be able to support her since I have no idea what time is practice for tomorrow. 

We went to the Deaflympics store which I had already gone with my family other day. I bought some more stuff for other friends that I just thought of. I hope they will be happy with it =). Then we went back to the hotel to relax and wait for our assistant coach to go to Taipei 101. Since I had already gone, I decided to stay in with one of the girls who had gotten injured in the last game. The trainer told her not to walk as much so I kept her accompany. We decided to go meet my family at a jade market that is only open on the weekend. The jade market is like black market in New York City where you see series of tables with bunch of valuables things on tables waiting to be sold. It was amazing and most of the stuff were made of jade stone!!! Some were very cheap and some were expensive. Got myself some cool stuff for my small statues collection.

We were getting hungry so we decided to go to a resturantt that's famous. Modern Toilet Restaurant. That's the name of it. And it is exactly what it is in the name. There were toilet seats as chairs, bathtubs with glass on top of it as tables, and small toilets as plates. I thought it was sooo funny and I was a little weird out eating my meal out of a toilet, haha! There was even dessert. Can you guess what kind of dessert it was? Ice cream that shapes like poop. Yes, no joke here, haha. I'm being serious. I took pictures of everything. I will post them as soon as I download the pictures =).

Finally we get back to the hotel to regroup with the team. We found out that they were already getting ready to go back out to watch the women's basketball game. I decided not to go and hopped into a cold water pool to cool my legs and bad thumb off with one of the girls who's injured. It felt pretty good, similar to hot tub but cold and it was nice. 

Nothing else special happened today, we haven't seen the coach all day. Probably because the boys had a really bad game this morning. They had a game against Argentina. From what I hear, a few players got hurt badly in the game, many cards including red card, and terrible refs. There were several elbows or tackles and the refs would not call them against Argentina but make the worst call against US team when they had done nothing. Here's the link to the article if you are interested in reading about it.

As for the final game for us women. It is on Monday September 14 at 7:00 PM. That's what the schedule is saying. It's bound to change, if it does, I will let you know as soon as possible. I just found out some of the girls' family back home were able to watch the last game against Great Britain online, I hope it worked for you guys too!!. The final game will be live online or at least 30 seconds delay =). I'm positive this is the correct link to be able to watch the game.

No .com or anything like that, just .tv
That's it. Trust me, I have tested just few hours ago watching the women's basketball game online, it was actually pretty exciting game!!! Go USA!!!

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  1. I will be watching Monday morning at 7! Thanks for the link. Fight hard! Play smart! Have fun! and Win! There's a song with a lyric, Jessie -- wish you could hear it. One of the lyrics is "These are the days to remember." These are days you will remember. Congratulations.