Friday, September 11, 2009

This morning, I said in the last blog I was dedicating the game to 9/11/01. I wrote 9/11/01 on my water bottle and the tape on my hand. I will never forget 9/11/01.

So the game against Great Britain. How do I explain this? We won but not in a way I thought we would win. The score was 2-1. Yes, I didn't get my 3rd shut-out. I was very disappointed in myself and upset. Overall the team, USA, played slow and like crap the entire game. I could see oppinurities the girls had to steal the ball or pass the ball or score but they didn't take it. I was yelling at the girls so loud that the stands could hear me. I know the team is deaf but I had to try. Nobody was looking behind to communicate with me but that's not their fault. It's just part of the deaf game. 

How did I lose my shut-out? It happened so fast. One of our girls had fouled a Great Britain player just outside of the box on my left side. They get a free kick, I called for 3-person wall to block the ball. They lined up and I told some of the girls inside the box to man up everyone and not let the ball bounce once. The kicker strike the ball and one of the girls from Great Britain headed toward to the ball and tried to head it in the goal but it was too far for her so she kicked it with her knee. I saw the ball was going left so I dove left and had my left hand on the ball. I thought I had blocked it out but the force I gave wasn't enough. The ball didn't go outside the post, it went in. I was devastated. But I knew the game wasn't over just yet. 

For the rest of 15 minutes after the goal I had missed, I made sure I didn't give them a chance to get another goal to tied the game. After the game, I gave everybody on Great Britain team a hug and that they played a good game. Then as we cooled down as a team, I wasn't smiling or joking around with the girls. I know we had won and that we are going to the finals but I wanted to achieve my goal of 4 shut-outs. Now I can only get 3 if I get one at the final game. 

And the worst timing ever, I had been randomly selected for drug testing. Come on, right after the game? And when I was just too upset to do anything? But I didn't have any choices so one of the girls and I went to the staduim where they held drug testing. It took them 3 hours to finally let us go after giving them cup of pee. One of the girls and I were very hungry and tired, we had gotten back to the hotel to find out the rest of the team had pizza. So we ordered ourselves pizza for lunch.

The rest of the day was not anything I would want to mention in the blog. It's not worth it. But tomorrow, we will be supporting one of our girls in track. Yes, we have a girl that compete in two sports in Deaflympics. She's amazing and have so much energy. We will support her then we probably will have practice in the afternoon.


  1. I don't know what it's like to not get a shut-out, Jessie. But you guys won the game. Move on to your next WIN!!! Keep having fun over there.

  2. Jessie, congratulations on your sweet win against Great Britain!! Shut-out or no shut-out
    I'm so proud of you. You gave it your all, nothing else matters. What a thrill to be in the finals. Last night at midnight there was yet to be anything posted on the game. Set the alarm for 3 and your mom's blog reported the win. Couldn't fall back to sleep I was so excited. I can only imagine how your family feels. Way to go!!!

  3. wow, I can't believe how great you guys are doing. hope you're having fun too. what time is the final game on Monday?