Monday, September 14, 2009

So as most of you already had heard....WE WON THE GOLD!!!! We beat Germany again 4-0!!! Got my shut-out. I cannot explain how I really felt after the game when the ref finally called the end of the game. I couldn't believe it. I was walking out of the box and one of the girls came running down the field to jump on me and give me a hug. Then I realized, it was real that we are the world champion!!!! 

After the game, we just ran around the field waving at our fans, friends, and family. We had a flag and ran around with it. We had about 15 minutes to change quickly for the medal ceremony. We had a small water party in the locker room and changed. We were all lined up and waiting to get out on the field to receive our medals. I was soooo excited, I had happy tears coming down my cheeks. We finally got out there and received our medals. So many flashes coming across the stands for pictures of the team holding the medals. Now I truly know how the olympics play feel during the medal ceremony. It was such a great honor representing for my country and amazing experience. 

After hundred of pictures and hugging with teammates, friends, coaches, trainers, and family, we finally got back to the hotel to shower to get ready for our big celebration. We went out to this resturuant (I forget the name of it) but it was not any good so we splitted up, age 21 and older in a group and anyone under 21 in another group. Whoever is 21, of course, celebrated with drinks and underage kids celebrated with food that we weren't able to eat in forever!!! It was a such a great long night!!!

I finally got my GOLD medal. I cannot say how extremely excited I am about this achievement. I'm so glad I decided to give soccer a 2nd chance when I didn't play for a whole year. If I didn't give it another chance, I would have never met many amazing athletics and coaches. I have made so many friends in 3 weeks only. I think that is once in lifetime experience. But I'm now thinking about coming back for a second GOLD medal in 4 years. Oh yea. 

I want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement. I wouldn't have gone this far if it wasn't for you. Thank you. I'll be sure to upload some photos from Deaflympics to share with you. GO USA!!!!

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  1. Good for you, Jessie, for hustling out there! Way, way, WAY to GO! Everyone is so proud of you. Be proud of yourself and savor this moment!!! Remember it always. You, young lady, are a winner!