Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This morning was a very interesting morning, let me tell you about it. The boys had a game against the 6-time world championship team, the gold medalist from 2005, Great Britain. Yesterday, I was talking to one of the boys on the team and he was not thinking positive and thought they might not do well. I told him that he needed to be positive and believe, a miracle can happen. The score was 3-1...USA won!!!! They came from behind in first half after trailing by 0-1. After the boys scored to break the tie 1-1 into 2-1, everyone went wild, even the boys on the field!!! It was so awesome seeing such a great comeback and beating the gold medalist from 2005 and advancing to the next round!!! They made history this morning, the USA men's soccer never made it to the 2nd round before. So there was a lot to celebrate today!

After the boys game, most of the girls decided to go out and watch some other games such as volleyball, track, and basketball. I decided not to go anywhere since I wasn't feeling very well. This morning I woke up with no voice, yea that wasn't so good. So I just ended up taking it easy today. Went to the Deaflympics store with one of the girls to get some gifts for friends and family. Hope they will love it when I give it to them!

We didn't have practice today, just a day off since we will have tomorrow and the next day before our semi-final game. From what I know about our schedule for tomorrow, we will be watching a soccer game between Great Britain and Russia since we will be playing either of the team in the semi-final and final game. It will be very useful and helpful for me because then I will know which player from each team is very good forward. I will be taking some mental notes of them =). I really want the GOLD so I gotta do what I need to do to get it!!!

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  1. Jessie, wow, you really inspired that player! Great job! And then his team won!! Have fun the next couple of days. Hi to your mom, dad and Zach. Enjoy!! Looking forward to your win! If it's against Russia, be extra, extra, EXTRA tough!!! You have the mental aspect of these games down, girl. Keep it up!!!