Monday, September 7, 2009

We had a great game against Denmark!!! 7-0!!! I have the most amazing defense because I only touched the ball 3 times, only 2 times I kicked the ball away from the box. So I was pretty much supporting my team by giving them tips and lookout and telling them to keep their heads up. After the game, we had the rest of the day off. For lunch, we ordered pizza, YAY!!! 

For the day, my family wanted to go visit the world's second tallest building, Taipei 101. I decided to tag along and invited one of our defenders since she didn't have plans. We had a great time. There is a huge shopping mall and food court just under the building. There were like hundred of stores that we never really heard of but they were interesting and expensive. We went up the building to the top floor which is number 91!!! That's pretty high. We used the elevator and it is the faster elevator in the world. 600 m/m in 37 seconds!!!! Pretty impressive! When we reached the top, I was really amazed by the views. I didn't realize that Taipei is very big city, probably bigger than New York City!!!

I probably took hundred of pictures of all angles because it was just beautiful. I could see the stadium, soccer practice and game field. It was just one of the most amazing experiences in my life.

Nothing else special happened after the long day I had. The boys got a game tomorrow against Great Britain so I got to get ready for some sleep so I can support them!!! 


  1. Jessie,
    USA is lucky to have such a Fierce Competitor as you on the Team. Keep Going! Here's a link to the Game Recap from local media...

  2. Yay, USA! Sounds like you guys have an awesome team. And the trip up the building sounds great, too. Thanks for blogging. Really fun to read how you're doing! Kate


    How amazing is that? 7-0! USA does it again! Congratulations Jessie! Last night Chris and I stayed home, had the popcorn all ready to go to watch your game....much to our dismay we could not pull it up. I'm calling Bert to see if he's had any luck.
    It's raining in Toledo and I wish I were in Taipei!
    The 101 Building sounds phenomenal.
    Keep Blogging. Eager to hear more.

    帶著 愛,(With love,) Sue