Saturday, August 29, 2009

So we just had our first day of training!!! We had our first one at 10:30 in the morning at Chung Cheng University. From what I saw on the bus around through the campus toward to the soccer field, it's very beautiful campus. There was a small bridge that went over a pond, we saw some black swan-like in the pond. Everything there looks really old, I thought that was pretty cool to see something that people didn't bother to upgrade or try to build cool-looking building like some college does in USA.

Practice was good, just a little rough with the heat, it was VERY hot and humid!!! We had a very few that almost passed out from the heat but I think we all will be able to overcome the heat and get stronger in a day or two. I believe in the team =). We are making sure we all drink plenty of water, on the funnier side we are having a competition tomorrow of how many time you go to the bathroom, haha. 

We had a second practice and it was definitely somewhat better than the first practice since we had a nice quick thunderstorm with lightening and ended with rain shower. By better, I meant we had a scrimmage against the boys in the rain after of course the lightening was gone. It was so much cooler and not humid at all. So I'm hoping we somehow get lucky and get rain shower for the next couple days, probably not, haha. The scrimmage against the boys was alrite, not our best but it was helpful for us so we now know what we need to work on. I know I have some stuff to work on to make myself ready for the competition in a week. 

Couple things about Taiwan, there are very many moped and bicycles!!! Everywhere we go, they are all over! I think moped is the top transportation here. Some of the girls and I were wondering why we didn't get moped instead of the bus. But I thought about it some more and think that riding the bus is much safer =). 

I gotta get ready for some sleep. Got another training day tomorrow. YAY! 


  1. Sounds so exciting, Jessie! What a cool thing to be doing!! So glad you're blogging about it. Take pics, too!

  2. This blog is cool. Bring home the gold! Seriously.