Sunday, August 30, 2009

The first thing I want to say is...I LOVE MY TEAM SO MUCH!!! I'll explain why I say that, just bear with me...

Today was a little rougher than yesterday. We had practice same time this morning and we did a lot better than yesterday. Afterward, we went to lunch at a food court below the hotel and went back to the hotel to relax for an hour and half before the next practice, scrimmage with the boys again. But unfortunately, we had another bad thunderstorm with lightening and it wouldn't let up so we had to train inside. It took us a while to find a place to train inside since the gym was already taken by the men and women basketball team and the volleyball team. Finally our coach got lucky and found a room that look like a ballerina room because there were mirrors on the wall the entire room so we had to be extra careful with passing the balls around. We didn't want to break the mirror and pay for it!! Since it was a small room, we had to have two session, one for boys and one for girls. So the men got the first session and we went out in the hall to play ping-pong, there were several tables, we had fun!!!

After practice and dinner, our coach decided to have a meeting with the team, just girls. He had some concerns about the team and thought it would be the time to have a meeting where we all can talk about it and let it out even if it was about another player on the team. It took an hour and I thought it went very well. Several girls talked about their feelings about the team, complaints, what can we do to make it better, and even shed few tears. This meeting made me realized something. I'm truly lucky and honored to be playing for the Deaflympics with these girls and for the coaches. Everybody is absolutely amazing. I have a feeling that tomorrow we will be stronger and more positive as a team. Now, you can see why I says, "I LOVE MY TEAM SO MUCH!!!"

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  1. This is VERY Exciting. Sounds like the Team is really coming together. USA! USA! USA! Go Jessie Go!