Monday, August 31, 2009

I was going to post this last night but I was soooo exhausted, I just fell asleep when I hit the bed. It was a long day of training. We moved our practice earlier so it wouldn't be as hot as it was during the time we used to practice in. I had a goalkeeper session with the boys goalkeepers so I had a great practice! I felt pretty good about myself afterward.

In the second practice, we scrimmaged against the boys and we did soooo much better than we did last time. The team, coaches, and I believe we got some much better after the meeting we had other night. We got our hearts in it now so I'm pretty happy about that. 

After dinner, we had a girls' night in our captain's room, just hanging out and playing games. It was really needed because now I think we all know each other even more and got along pretty good, that's a good thing since we need to get along on and off the field. 

I just realized, I don't really have much news at the moment but I'm sure there will be alot to say in the next post, =)

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