Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Grab the Moment

Last night, I was coming back from an errand, (there are a lot of errands when you are planning to be out of country for three months!) We are having a January thaw and, when I got out of my car, it was very windy, but still quite warm. The sky wasn't exactly clear of clouds, but it was clear enough to see the moon, stars, and the clouds. I found myself just standing outside and looking up at the sky. I got so lost in the moment--my hair whipping in the wind and the way the wind felt on my face. That's when I realized I am pretty damn happy with my life and the unknown future of my life. It has been a while since I felt like that.

How did I get here? Honestly, there are many factors and I can't sort them all out here. Recently, many family members and close friends have been telling me that not everyone can do what I am doing. It turns out that I have commitment, passion, and most importantly patience. Ironically, I learned something about all three by growing up deaf.

I've also been forced to think more about life and death because of things that have happened in the past few years. Life is too damn short to put off things or not take chances or worry about being perfect. "Live your life and make the most out of it" has become one of my mottos. Laugh more than you worry. Love people. Be passionate about what you do. Open up to the moment whether it's photographing lions in Africa or getting out of your car on a windy night in your driveway in Ohio. Live your life and leave no regrets.

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